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Who is Autochoice?


Autochoice is an auto broker, bonded, and licensed by the state of California to help you arrange the purchase or lease of your new or pre-owned vehicle.


Most car buyers are not aware that they have the option to use an auto broker to arrange the purchase or lease of a vehicle. The idea of using an auto broker, like Autochoice, is not widely known by the general public.  Next to purchasing your home, your vehicle purchase is usually the second largest purchase you will make 12 to 15 times during your lifetime.



What does Autochoice do?


Autochoice works for you.  Autochoice manages the process of purchasing or leasing a vehicle on your behalf.  The Autochoice TEAM helps you decide what vehicle might best suit your needs and desires, negotiate the best price, secure the right financing, and complete all the necessary paperwork. 

Bottom line: Autochoice saves you time and money in the vehicle purchasing or leasing process.



Why Use Autochoice?


Autochoice offers several advantages to you when it is time to purchase or lease a vehicle.  The following are just a few of the important benefits you can enjoy by using Autochoice:


·    Convenience - Saving Time

Using Autochoice, you, the car buyer, save time and the frustration of visiting several car dealers to locate a vehicle.  A process most people find time-consuming and intimidating.  The Autochoice team are professional vehicle buyers.  The owners of Autochoice and their team have many years of experience in the automobile business.


·    Negotiations - Saving Money

Autochoice has professional relationships with large networks of auto dealers for any make and model car, SUV, or truck you desire.  Autochoice has the influence to secure vehicles at heavily discounted prices because Autochoice represents many clients on a monthly basis, not just you the immediate client. These savings are passed on to you!


·    Preferential Treatment – V.I.P. Service

Autochoice ensures that you get the V.I.P. treatment.  You may choose to take delivery of your vehicle at the auto dealership, the Autochoice facility, or even at your workplace or home!  A large percentage of our clients receive their vehicles without ever setting foot in an auto dealership!   Autochoice clients often enjoy perks that are not available to the general public.  Oftentimes, when there are waiting lists for vehicles that are in high-demand, Autochoice clients may find them more readily available.  Autochoice will get you what you want!  You, our client, won’t have to “make do” with a vehicle the dealer has on their lot. 


·    Peace of Mind – Purchase or Lease with Confidence

Anyone who uses Autochoice will enjoy the confidence of knowing that they have a professional, bonded advocate on your side during the vehicle purchase or lease process.  Autochoice clients DO NOT have to worry about the possibility of fraud, deception, or other consumer woes that are all too common in the automotive industry.



Anyone Can Use Autochoice!


People like you; with structured or busy lives.  Anyone in the market to purchase or lease a vehicle can use Autochoice.  In the past, auto brokers similar to Autochoice often had the reputation for serving only higher end clients interested in buying or leasing luxury vehicles.  But Autochoice works with anyone looking to purchase or lease a new or late-model pre-owned vehicle. 


Therefore, whenever you’re in the market to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle, contact:




(949) 862-0006

CALL NOW ... (949) 862-0006 ... For Fast Quote and Delivery Info ...  Save Time ... Save Money ... (949) 862-0006 ... V.I.P. Service ... Peace of Mind – Purchase or Lease with Confidence ... (949) 862-0006

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